1. Models: (Liu Dan (MC2), Lina Zhang (Fusion), Chen Hong Jin (CalCarries Shanghai) & others
    Magazine: (UK) i-D Magazine, Pre-Spring 2012
    Photographer: Chen Man
    Stylist: Lucia Liu
    Hair: Gao Jian & Tian Hong Yu
    Makeup: Terry Barber (MAC)
    Source: models.com
    The juxtaposition of the contemporary clothing and the more traditional elements is great. Chen Man’s photography has recently spiked interest beyond China, especially now that her collaboration with MAC is out (makeup here is from MAC). Vogue recently wrote an article about her in reference to the MAC collab. I really like the esthetics of all these covers - and of course the signature wink adds such character/humor to it all. The makeup is done very intentionally and in a unique way.
    I am just not totally on board with the multiple-covers concept. I realize that 8 of these 12 covers are online-exclusives (for Man’s photos). When it is a couple/few cover images, I get it and I think it is interesting. But when it is 8, (other photographers besides Chen Man had covers too - ie Alasdair McLellan and Solve Sundsbo) it gets confusing for me. Shouldn’t these all just go into one killer shoot inside the magazine? They probably are inside as well, but I think that putting them all on the covers as well takes out a little of the freshness from them. Also - I would have preferred that Chen man just got the spotlight, rather than tacking on the other photographers’ covers.
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