1. SALAD DAYS in New York Times Style Magazine. Article text By SUZY MENKES. Photographs By RICHARD BURBRIDGE. Styled By ROBBIE SPENCER.

    See the rest of the shots here. This shoot is clearly an extension of NYT Style Mag’s old shoot with Tati Cotliar, photographed and styled by the same men. Here, the shoot is inspired by the fresh/raw fashion seen in many a spring collection. It seems that every year when sweaters and layers are shed, people want to see raw and juicy styles once more. Here, the dresses are almost completely disguised at times. I really like how NYT makes a narrative for their shoots - it adds so much more to the clothes and the photographs and adds another dimension to the shoot. This whole shoot is super graphic and bright, and Hanne Gabey (like Tati) brings that spunky/quirky energy to the shoot. The Alexander McQueen is of course fabulous and the pasta additions to the beige Missoni/Donna Karen ensemble is pretty hilarious.

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