1. Mary Katrantzou Fall 2012. See the full collection via Vogue. Her work just keeps getting better and better! As the style.com feature “Will You Keep It Surreal This Season?” said, “Mary Katrantzou never ceases to amaze with her digital prints.” This collection features more subtle beauty than in past collections, including further developments into the three-dimensional aspects and now knitwear. In some of the detail shots one can see hand-beading and overlaid textures. Here, labyrinth patterns take over an evening gown, creating a mesmerizing and looping pattern reminiscent of the underlying skeletal structure. Katrantzou has really been working with collaged elements, such as the large lace textures and the huge jewels. She always plays with kitsch and borderline cheesiness, as in some of the heart-shaped prints and use of No. 2 pencils on other dresses. Can’t wait to see these in person in a store somewhere!!

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