1. Two artists working with carpets. One, Rodney McMillian, as seen in the Corcoran’s 2011 show, 30 Americans, which featured 31 artists who are all black and relatively young.
    As written in Jeffrey Cudlin’s Washington City Paper review of the Corcoran show, "Less refined, but perhaps more poetic in its austere being, is Rodney McMillian’s “Untitled” (2005). A giant, filthy square of beige carpet fills most of one wall, while a long rectangular strip of carpeting extends out from the wall across the floor and into the viewer’s space. The piece quite literally stinks. It is self-evidently an artifact of squalor: Random spatters and stains dot the surface; rectangular areas where a sectional sofa once sat appear bleached, less subject to accumulated sole markings, dumped liquids, and general grime."
    The carpet, as seen in another installation, above.
    The second artist, Margaret Weber, a recent SVA graduate, whose altered carpets are seen in her curent show at Ramiken Crucible on Grand Street. (What a minimal website…)
    See Roberta Smith’s review of the show in the NYTimes. As Smith describes, "Industrial carpets are Ms. Weber’s thing. She methodically picks apart big swaths of them, layer by layer and thread by thread. Her careful subtractive handiwork relaxes these anonymous textiles into a slyly pictorial postminimal art that retains something of its previous corporate life."
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